LS Makes Custom Stools for the Belair Hotel Revamp

Commissioned by Enoki to create a beautiful seat which could also be used as a table if needed came the “Belair” stool. With five being made specifically for the revamp of the Belair Hotel, the venue now offers a stylish bar, bistro and lounge setting amid sweeping scopes of the Adelaide Hills.

There is a range of seating and table options available to the hotel customer.They include conventional tables, communal tables, bar stools and a funky lounge featuring Lex Stobie’s “Belair” stools. A stunning fireplace is the centrepiece of the open plan Bar and Bistro, defining the lounge and dining areas.

Since the revamp of the Belair hotel the “Belair” stool has proven to be a popular design resulting in a number of additional commissions.