LS Gets Chosen in Anton Assaad’s Top Ten Great Products

When the home of great Scandinavian design in Australia approached its tenth year, founder and Director Anton Assaad shared his top ten favourite Great Dane products.

Embracing the modern Scandinavian way of life, Anton secured worldwide exclusives from some of the best design houses. From lovingly crafted wooden toys to sleek dining tables, this personally edited collection, all current stock, reflected the flawless design aesthetic so fondly regarded by Anton and the Great Dane customers.

10. Lex Stobie Inflexion Table
9. Claesson Kolvisto Rune Baklava Floor Light
8. Aksel Kjersgaard Shark Table In Corian/Oak
7. Tveit + Tornoe The Dots Coat Hooks
6. Moller Dining Chair #78 In Oak and Natural Papercord
5. Gustav Ehrenreich’s Hoptimists
4. Jenny Back Lean Floor Light
3. Illum Wikkelso V11 Sofa
2. Hans Bolling Wooden Oscar Dog
1. Arne Vodder #26 Sideboard in Oak